There are six races in Tera game. That is, Castanic, Baraka, Popori, Human, Aman, High Elf. Let us know these races and professions in Tera one by one. Castanic With goat horn shape of the race, his family suffered many years of oppression, but they do not give up looking for opportunities to replica ebel sport classic mini watch rise for the race of life, although replica chopard watch their have small form, they have unbelievable huge power and unimagine speed. Baraka They are descendants of the ancient giants, it seems that they have simple bulky appearance, they are good at getting spellpower from earth elements by wisdom of the their ancestors. Popori Named by forest protector, they have personality-like civet cats and cute appearance, it seems that they are cumbersome, but they can lift the ax wielding flexibilitily, long-term coexistence with the forest, they get more proficient elements. Human Human family, after living and ever-wandering monsters and catch up crusade against the invaders, cheap rolex replica they have the desire to create yet another world of peace, they are replica watches for replicas panerai sale honor of good health and fortitude, as adaptable human beings, they can chosen career exceptionally and more. Aman They have werewolf-like beastand the appearance of a race, they have a strong innate sense of honor that makes them particularly militant, at the same time, they are gerald genta replica jaeger lecoultre master sport on sale willing to stand on the front line for the allies to resist damage. High Elf They are main occupants of Magic City, they have lovely body and proficient magic skills, they have strong destructive power. They are so-called six races in Tera, if you want to get familiar with all of them, you had better buy Tera gold and experience the game by yourself. replica iwc davinci for sale more info
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