Anthemis Consulting Ltd was founded by Jon Beck and Annette Hurst in 2002. Both Jon and Annette have a wide range of experience in healthcare communications.

Jon Beck PhD MBA
Jon has been involved in healthcare communication since leaving university. Before founding Anthemis Consulting, Jon served on several of Unileverís global brand teams, guiding the translation of science and technology into consumer-motivating benefits and claims. Prior to moving into industry, Jon held postdoctoral fellowships in the field of physiology in the UK, US, and Canada and was an honorary lecturer at Manchester University.

Annette Hurst PhD
Annette has spent most of her career working for or with pharmaceutical companies in the medical communications business. Before founding Anthemis Consulting, she was on the board of one of the largest medical communications companies in the UK and director of all editorial staff from all the company offices. Annette started her career in communications as a medical sales representative for Schering-Plough after completing her PhD in physiology (in the UK) and postdoctoral research (in Canada).

The Anthemis team
Our dedicated team is our greatest asset. All our editorial staff have a degree and a PhD in a science subject and all are highly experienced in the communications business.

If you are interested in joining our team please call and speak to Jon Beck.